A.A. Literature

The Program of Alcoholics Anonymous can be Found in its Literature

While our A.A. groups are autonomous, we are supported by the San Diego A.A. Central Office. The A.A. organization is very loosely organized, but it is completely supported through contributions from members and through sales of the literature published by A.A. World Services, Inc.

We San Diegans have the luxury of having hundreds of meetings to attend where we can get the help of alcoholics who already have experience working the steps as was passed on to them. These experienced alcoholics are able to help newer members better understand, and gain deeper insight into working the program. It is a key precept of the program that we alcoholics remain sober through helping others achieve their own sobriety. While one could achieve sobriety through reading the primary text, Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, continuous sobriety is more likely to happen when working with a member who has experienced it themselves.

Alcoholism crosses all gender, age, racial, sexuality, and any other possible demographic identity. So that problem drinkers from any background or identity group may gain hope that they can find sobriety here, Alcoholics Anonymous has developed pamphlets that presents the shared experience of sober members from those same communities. We hope you will find a pamphlet that will help you begin your journey into sobriety.

We also have other books and pamphlets that help us learn more about different aspects of getting sober or in helping others to find their sobriety. There is also literature for professionals who work with us drunks, and many of these will help those professionals learn more about our program and how they can include A.A. in their toolbox.

Alcoholics Anonymous – Our Big Book

This is our primary text, which outlines our program of recovery. We read from this book and the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions each week. (You can read this book from the link above.)

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

This is our second most important text, and it helps explain the steps we took to achieve sobriety. It also has essays on the traditions that help us maintain the program so that it will continue to help future alcoholics recover. (You can read this book from the link above.)

What is A.A.? And is it for You?

Only you can answer the question of whether you are an alcoholic or not, but if you have a problem with your drinking, we can likely help. We can certainly help you learn how to answer these and many other questions. Take a look at the available literature and join us as we study the steps.

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