7th Tradition

We are Self-Supporting Through our Own Contributions

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions.

While A.A. has little organization our meetings and service committees do have expenses. To cover our costs we collect contributions from members, but we do no fundraising nor do we accept contributions from outside our fellowship. Each group is responsible for its own expenses. Most groups help support the committees and A.A. entities that provide important services, like our local hotline hosted by the San Diego Central Office or the national repository of shared experience at the General Service Office in New York. If you are not an A.A. member we ask that you not contribute to us, and if you are an A.A. member who is financially unable to contribute, do not feel like you must. We understand how many of our members arrive in less than ideal circumstances, so there is no expectation of payment. Just work on getting sober. We gain responsibility for ourselves, and for our own self-support as we achieve sobriety.

Self-Support Info

This A.A. Pamphlet provides more information about our understanding of self-support and its significance in maintaining our single purpose of helping alcoholics achieve sobriety.

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Venmo – @……..

Put “TNMSS 7th” in the description or comment line. You can use the popular Venmo app to contribute. Most people have heard of this service. Be assured that the treasurer has disabled the social media side of this service to ensure anonymity is maintained. We strongly encourage you to go into your Settings/Friends and Social, to disable them in your app.

CashApp – $……….

Put “TNMSS 7th” in the description or comment line. Our second method of receiving contributions is through another popular payment service, CashApp. This service is owned and operated by Square, Inc., which you have probably seen in some of the shops you have visited in the past.

Both Venmo and CashApp are large, very secure, digital payment services. We have secured our accounts with long, complex passwords, and secure device access settings. If you are uncomfortable with any digital services or do not know how to set them up, you can also send a check to the group treasure, but you will need e-mail him to get his name and address. E-mail: tuenightmensstepstudy@gmail.com